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Window Cleaning

4.9 ☆ (1600+)

Eliminate The Stress Of Finding A Trusted Window Cleaner

Do you need your windows, screens, sills, or all of the above cleaned? We are here to help! Hire a tedious college student to carefully and precisely clean your windows! We utilize both professional and handheld materials including reverse osmosis machines, soft squeegees and microfibers to leave no streaks! With our use of extension poles and soft water, we are able to clean up to three stories high and leave no streaks - without using a ladder! We hire students with an extensive background and have a deep passion for cleaning windows and helping neighbors alike. Our rates include the insides and outsides of windows. Screens and sills are free when combined with a window cleaning booking!
We charge $7 per small window, $11 per large window + a trust and support fee. 

Booking with ChoreHub will guarantee your dirt hauler is qualified and responsible.

ChoreHub dirt haulers are trained to sort, remove, and safely transport dirt.

All dirt from the site is guaranteed to be safely removed, transported, and disposed.

Our Three Step Process

Book a date and time that best suits your needs.

A friendly, insured, and trained student will clean your windows

Check your email inbox for a detailed invoice. 

Book via phone or email!

(844) 400-2467

Live phone support: Sunday-Saturday 8am-8pm Pacific Standard Time.

Live email support: Sunday-Saturday 24 Hours.

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