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ChoreHub's Code of Conduct

Effective February 15, 2022

The ChoreHub company is proud to connect homeowners and ambitious students to complete your desired services. To ensure the best experience possible for both parties, we require that all students and homeowners maintain our core values:


Be respectful
Display respect for each other and each other’s property. If there happens to be a conflict, work together to find a common ground solution.


Be fair
As a student entrepreneur, make sure that providing the best customer service, and completing high quality work at a fair price, is your first priority. As a homeowner, recognize the sacrifices of the student's time and money. If you decide to leave your student a review on their work, be honest and construct the appropriate review. 


Be professional
Be professional in all matters at all times. Each party shall communicate clearly and effectively to minimize the risk of confusion and strive for satisfaction in every situation. 


Be honest
Each party should take into account that agreements are binding. Be honest about each other's expectations and limitations of each desired project. As a student entrepreneur, be honest if you feel that a certain job does not fit within your skillset. As a homeowner, be honest when you are hiring a student to complete your project. Always be upfront if any part of the project is deemed unsafe, unclear, or you are unable to perform any task to the best of your abilities. 


Be reliable
Answer phone calls, texts and emails in a professional fashion. Demonstrate that you value each other’s time and comply with each other's askings. A homeowner should never be left wondering how to contact you or your whereabouts. 


Be inclusive
Don’t discriminate based on race, national origin, social and economic class, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, age, political belief, religion, mental and physical ability, or any other factor. ChoreHub enforces a strict, zero-tolerance discrimination policy.


ChoreHub reserves the right to legally dismiss any customers or employees who fail to adhere to this code of conduct from our site and platform.

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